Shared supported accommodation

The Shared Supported Accommodation program aims to provide high-quality, supported housing in the community. Accommodation is usually offered in shared housing with up to five other people with disabilities.

Support provided within the accommodation includes:

  • Household management, for example, cleaning, shopping
  • General self-care, for example, eating, dressing, preparing food
  • Personal hygiene, for example, bathing, toileting as required by each person
  • Participating in the local community, for example, going to a sporting match, the movies, or a hobby class.

The focus of the support is to encourage you to learn new skills, make choices about your life, and get active in your local community.

Who can get assistance

You may get assistance if:

  • You meet the criteria as determined under the Disability Act 2006. This Act is available from Victorian Legislation and Parliamentary Documents
  • You have support needs that are best met in shared housing that provides the required staff resources, and
  • You have to change your current living arrangements because they do not suit you (for example, your parents are getting older and finding it harder to keep looking after you at home).

How to get assistance

Contact your regional Disability Intake and Response Service to find out more information about this program and how to apply.

Residential charge - department managed disability residential services

Further information is available about the board and lodging fee for people living in department managed disability residential services.

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