Paying your rent

You need to pay your rent weekly and at least one week in advance. You can pay your rent in one of three ways:

Direct debit from your Centrelink payments

You can have your rent taken from your fortnightly Centrelink payments.

This is called the Rent Deduction Service.  It's free and convenient and happens automatically, so you are always up to date with your payments. You can also make maintenance and arrears payments this way.

When you sign your tenancy agreement, we automatically sign you up for this service. If you don't want to use it, that's fine. You can cancel it at any time.

If you are not signed up and want to use this service, complete the Deduction authority for housing payments application and return it to your local office.

Direct debit from your bank account

You can have your rent taken straight out of your bank account. Some banks might charge you a fee for this, so check with your bank to find out if there are any fees.

If you would like to arrange a direct debit payment, complete the Direct debit authority form and return it to your local office.

At the post office

You can pay your rent at any Australia Post outlet or post office agency in Victoria, using your rent payment card.  This card can only be used for paying your rent.

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