Public housing waiting times

The department provides public housing to eligible Victorians in housing need. We aim to prioritise people who are in urgent need because of homelessness or other critical circumstances.

Applications for public housing are categorised as follows:

  • Early housing, which is for people who are homeless and receiving support, people with a disability who have significant support needs, and people with special housing needs. 
  • Wait turn, which is for all eligible people on low incomes.

Applications are also placed into wait turn areas based on location.

Many factors influence the waiting time for each application. These include:

  • households approved for early housing are assisted ahead of wait turn applicants
  • the type of dwellings being sought in a given area
  • how often vacancies arise in each location
  • the availability of affordable alternatives in the private market in each location.

Public housing waiting and transfer list

The Public Housing Waiting and Transfer List provides quarterly indicative waiting list statistics by area. Included here is the transfer list which includes people who are currently living in public housing but have applied to transfer to a new public property.

Waiting list figures are estimates only. The figures can vary within a given quarter, depending on the number of people finding or applying for housing. The list may also include people who are in or have recently located suitable accommodation but have not yet notified the department.

Remember if you're on the housing waiting list and you've found suitable housing, let us know as soon as possible by contacting your local housing office.

Waiting list areas

Although you cannot choose to live in a particular suburb, you can choose the waiting list area that you would like to live in.

Waiting list areas are made up of a number of adjoining suburbs and towns which are linked by public transport. You may change your waiting list preferences at a later date.

You could be offered a property in any one of the suburbs which make up your chosen waiting list areas.

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