Life Support Concession

The Life Support Concession provides a quarterly discount on electricity and/or water bills where a household member uses an eligible life support machine. This concession is available to both renters and homeowners all year round.

For electricity bills, the discount is equal to the cost of 1,880 kilowatt hours of electricity used each year  (470 kilowatt per quarter), calculated using the general domestic tariff of your retailer.

Qualifying machines are those that use at least 1,880 kilowatt hours per annum.

Machines already approved are:

  • intermittent peritoneal dialysis machines (electricity)
  • oxygen concentrators (electricity)
  • haemodialysis machines (electricity and water).

Most continuous positive airways pressure (CPAP) machines do not meet this threshold.

For other machines, please contact the Concessions Information Line on 1800 658 521 (toll-free) to discuss your application.

For water bills, the discount is equal to the cost of 168 kilolitres (42 kilolitres per quarter) of water used each year. This discount is only applicable for haemodialysis machines.

The Life Support Concession fact sheet is available to download on this site.


You must hold at least one of the following concession cards:

Pensioner Concession Card; Health Care Card; DVA Gold Card

Holders of a Health Care Card for Carer Allowance and Foster Care issued in the name of the child are not eligible. Holders of Veterans' Affairs Gold Cards marked 'Dependent' are not eligible.

How to apply

Applications are available from your electricity retailer, by contacting the Concessions Information Line on 1800 658 521 (toll-free), or can be downloaded from the link below.

Application forms need to be completed and signed by your doctor, nurse or hospital social worker confirming your use of a life support machine. Once completed, forward the form to your electricity retailer and/or water corporation.

Your electricity retailer and/or water corporation will check your concession card details with Centrelink and apply the discount to your bill.

More information

Contact the Concessions Information Line on 1800 658 521.

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