Excess Electricity Concession

Concession households with annual electricity bills of more than $2,725 for the current annual concession period will need to apply for the Excess Electricity Concession to continue to receive the 17.5 per cent concession on electricity consumed above this amount. The trigger point will be reviewed before the start of the next annual period on 1 December 2017.

It is expected that 95 per cent of concession households will not be affected by this concession and will continue to receive a concession of 17.5 per cent on their full electricity usage.

Recipients of the Life Support Concession and/or the Medical Cooling Concession are exempt from the need to apply for the Excess Electricity Concession and are not required to lodge an application form in order to receive the concession.

The Excess Electricity Concession fact sheet is available to download on this site.


You must hold at least one of the following concession cards:

Pensioner Concession Card; Health Care Card; DVA Gold Card

How to apply

Your electricity retailer will identify if you need to apply for the Excess Electricity Concession and provide you with an application form. To apply, affected eligible concession cardholders will need to submit a completed application to the Department of Health & Human Services.

The department will check your eligibility, and advise your retailer who will calculate the Excess Electricity Concession and apply the discount to your energy bill

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Contact the Victorian Concessions Information Line on 1800 658 521.
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