Disability Act 2006

The Disability Act 2006 and the Disability Regulations 2007 (the Act) commenced on 1 July 2007. The Act replaced the Intellectually Disabled Persons' Services Act 1986 and Disability Services Act 1991.

The Disability Act provides for:

  • a stronger whole-of-government, whole-of-community response to the rights and needs of people with a disability, and
  • a framework for the provision of high quality services and supports for people with a disability

The Act sets out principles for people with a disability and for disability service providers. Disability service providers are the Department of Health & Human Services and organisations that are registered under the Act to provide disability services.

The Disability Amendment Act 2012 came into operation on 1 July 2012.  It makes minor changes to the Disability Act 2006.

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