Disability services case management

Disability case management services aim to assist people with disabilities to become more independent and active in community life. Case managers establish a positive collaborative relationship with the person, and their support network, such as family members, and assist the person to identify, link with and organise the supports they need to deal with problems and achieve their goals.

Case management involves a person-directed planning process. Supports accessed through case management will be suited to individual needs and the needs of family and carers. More information is available from the Individual Support Packages webpage on this site.

Who can get assistance

You may get assistance if you meet the criteria as determined under the Disability Act 2006. This Act is available from Victorian Legislation and Parliamentary Documents.

How to get assistance

Contact your regional Disability Intake and Response Service to find out more information about this program and how to apply.

Contact Information

Disability Intake & Response Service
Tel: 1800 783 783
TTY: 1800 008 149
Email Disability Information & Support

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