Managing your individual support package funding

There are three ways that you can manage your Individual Support Package:

  • Direct payments
  • Disability service provider
  • Financial intermediary, or  
  • a combination of these arrangements.

Direct Payments

Direct payments is where your Individual Support Package funding is paid directly into a bank account set up by you or a person you nominate. You (or your nominated person) then manage the Individual Support Package in line with your funding plan. This will include arranging services, paying invoices, keeping records and reporting back to the department when required.

Disability service provider

People in receipt of Individual Support Packages can also choose a disability service provider to provide the services they have identified in their funding plan and to administer their funding allocation.

In this arrangement, your Individual Support Package funding is transferred from the department to the disability service provider you have nominated. The service provider then works with you to deliver services using as much self-direction by you as possible. The service provider may also purchase some supports on your behalf.

Disability financial intermediary service

Under the Financial Intermediary service arrangement, your Individual Support Package funding is transferred to the Financial Intermediary. The financial Intermediary holds the funding on your behalf and pays for approved services when you authorise them to do so.

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