Day Services

What are Day Services?

Day services provide activities for a group of people to enhance community and social participation. This may include skill development and recreation. Group based services adopt the principles of self-direction by working with each person to tailor supports that meet their preferences to the greatest extent possible within their allocated resources.

Supports or activities may be:

  • provided directly by a day service provide (either within a facility operated by the provider or at other locations in the community), or
  • organised by the day service provider but delivered by another services (such as a swimming program at the local pool).

In order to respond to service user requests, or as opportunities arise, some group activities may take place outside standard business hours – within the capacity of the provider to flexibly adjust staffing and other resources. Participation by a group of people with similar interest in the activity may be required to make such activities cost effective.

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More information about day services can be found in Chapter 7 of the Individual support package handbook.

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