Respite Support Information

Respite support aims to provide short-term breaks for carers of people with a disability, while providing a positive experience for the person with a disability either in their own home or away from home. Short-term breaks can be overnight, in-home, with another family or flexible support.

Who can get assistance

Respite support is available to carers of people who:

  • have an acquired brain injury
  • have an intellectual or physical disability
  • have a degenerative neurological condition
  • are aged between 6 and 64 years

How to get assistance

Contact your regional Disability Intake and Response Service to find out more information about this program and how to apply.

Respite Victoria online

Respite Victoria is an online information resource that helps families, carers and people with a disability to access accurate, current and useful information about respite and carer support services that matches their needs. The information can be accessed easily and quickly and is provided in a variety of formats. This resource includes eight regional websites and a central website, and uses the Respite Finder search engine.

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