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My future my choice initiative: Glen Waverley house

Better living options for younger people in residential aged care

My future my choice initiative: Glen Waverley house

The Council of Australian Government’s (COAG’s) five year Younger People in Residential Aged Care (YPIRAC) initiative ended on 30 June 2011. While the agreement between the Commonwealth and Victoria is now completed, funding committed to the new services continues under the my future my choice initiative.

The my future my choice initiative is an ongoing commitment to support younger people in, or at risk of admission to, residential aged care (RAC) facilities. From 2010-2011, $18.7 million ($9,383,586 each) in ongoing joint Commonwealth/Victorian State funding has been committed to support this initiative. This amount is indexed annually.

All individuals currently in receipt of ongoing my future my choice services will continue to receive support for as long as needed.

Younger people living in, or at risk of entry to RAC can register a request for ongoing disability supports by contacting their local Intake and Response team on 1800 783 783.

Accommodation and support development through my future my choice

Grovedale houseGrovedale

The Grovedale house is home to five younger people who were previously living in residential aged care, or with older carers. Scope Vic manage the service, and is supporting residents to live more independently in the community.

The house is purpose designed as a split house, which can operate as two separate units if the residents choose. It is fitted with assistive technologies, such as automatic doors, to allow the residents greater control over their environment. One of the residents is Brendan who is 40 years old and has an acquired brain injury. Brendan says that his life has changed immensely since moving to Grovedale. He now has the opportunity to enjoy an active life in his local community.

"I now have choices regarding social interaction and an opportunity to go places I so desire. I am now a member of the Cats, I am able to attend training sessions. I also like to go to bingo and social nights at the pub."

The house is a much more inviting place for family and friends to visit. Brendan’s family are really pleased with his move out of residential aged care, and say that Brendan is much happier since moving to his new home in Grovedale.

"We know he is happy and that he has choices. He is out and about. He is making decisions for himself", said Brendan’s father.


Operated by the Villa Maria Society, this house is a place to call home for ten younger people who have an acquired brain injury who were previously living in residential aged care. It supports residents who have very high support needs with associated medical needs. There are ten studio-style rooms built around a central courtyard, with 24 hour support on-site, including nursing care.

The home is close to shops, transport and community facilities. It has been designed and built to maximise the residents’ opportunities and independence, and there is plenty of space for family and friends to visit.

Accommodation and support places

A total of 22 service developments have been established under the my future my choice initiative, providing accommodation and support for 104 younger people living in, or at risk of entry to, residential aged care.

These accommodation and support places provide innovative housing and support to maximise the outcomes for younger people who were living in, or were at risk of entry to, residential aged care. The houses and units are located across rural and metropolitan areas.

Quality of Life evaluation

The Summer Foundation was engaged by the Department of Human Services to undertake a quality of life evaluation for individuals receiving support services through the my future my choice initiative. The evaluation has assessed the improvement in the quality of life for 68 younger people who:

  • have moved from residential aged care into community based supported accommodation
  • have received supports to prevent entry into residential aged care
  • remain living in residential aged care with enhanced supports.

The evaluation found that the majority of younger people who participated in the evaluation have an improved quality of life. An executive summary is available on this site. The full report is available on the Summer Foundation website (external site, opens in new window).

Accommodation and support service reviews

The Department of Human Services engaged Heather Michaels and Associates to develop a review framework and undertake the reviews of four new accommodation and support services that were developed under the my future my choice initiative across Victoria.

The aim of the project was to determine the extent to which accommodation services developed under my future my choice have been effective in responding to the service system gap for younger people living in, or at risk of admission to residential aged care.

The reviews have demonstrated that the services have made good progress in addressing the need for more age appropriate accommodation for younger people who would otherwise be living in residential aged care.  It also identified that there were future learnings in relation to access to integrated and holistic healthcare, and adopting a care team approach.

Young People in Nursing Homes National Alliance

The Young People in Nursing Homes National Alliance (YPINHA) is a peak body for young Australians with disability and high and complex support needs.

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Disability Intake and Response Service
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