Personal Hardship Assistance Program Prepaid Card

Financial assistance entitlements can be paid to recipients by prepaid debit card. Please sign your card immediately on receiving it. Your PIN (scratch the shaded area or peel back flap to reveal the number) and dollar value are provided with your card. Please keep your card and PIN separate and secure.

A prepaid card can be used to make purchases or withdraw cash up to the card value.

The card can be used at:

  • Most merchants/suppliers, wherever payment by VISA prepaid is accepted
  • Westpac and affiliated (Bank of Melbourne, St George or Bank of South Australia) ATMs - no withdrawal fees apply
  • All other ATMs - a minimum $2 withdrawal fee applies per transaction
  • Over the counter only at Westpac branches.

A prepaid card is not a credit card. Once your limit has been reached the card has no further value; you should then destroy the card by cutting it into several pieces and dispose of it securely.


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