Personal Hardship Assistance Program

The Department of Health and Human Services administers the Victorian Government’s Personal Hardship Assistance Program (PHAP), which includes two categories of assistance:

  • Emergency Relief Assistance
  • Emergency Re-establishment Assistance

The PHAP provides financial assistance to alleviate the personal hardship and distress suffered by eligible Victorians, as a result of an emergency.

This assistance is not intended to replace insurance or other compensation for loss.

Emergency Relief Assistance

Emergency Relief Assistance is intended to help in the immediate aftermath of an emergency with expenses incurred in meeting health, safety and wellbeing needs such as food, clothing, medications, accommodation and one off transport costs.

Emergency Re-establishment Assistance

In some situations, the Victorian Government may also initiate Emergency Re-establishment Assistance.

This assistance helps Victorians re-establish themselves back in their own homes as quickly as possible by providing income-tested financial assistance for alternative accommodation, removal of debris, repairs, rebuilding and replacement of essential household contents.

Getting emergency financial assistance

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Other forms of assistance

In some circumstances, the Victorian or Australian governments may offer other personal hardship assistance.

To help this process along, applicants may be asked for permission to have their contact details passed onto other organisations that may also provide assistance.

Further information

For more information about the Personal Hardship Assistance Program, please contact your local council in the first instance who will refer your case to a Personal Hardship Assistance Program Officer for an assessment interview.

Information in other languages

Fact sheets in other languages are available on the Emergency Relief and Recovery Victoria website. Follow the In your language link on the site.

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