Financial crisis support

People may experience significant loss or financial difficulties due to the damage or loss of property caused by an emergency such as fire or flood. In such financial crises, welfare organisations and support services may provide emergency relief in the form of food, clothing and household goods such as second-hand furniture, to help people manage finances in the aftermath of an emergency.

People who have experienced significant loss will need to consider a broad range of financial issues in the days and weeks that follow.


MoneySmart is an initiative of the Australian Securities & Investments Commission to help people with their financial matters. Their guide to managing insurance issues after an emergency covers: tips for handling your insurance claim after an emergency; key tips for buying the right insurance; and looks at the risk of under-insuring.

Emergency Relief and Recovery Victoria website

The Victorian Government Emergency Relief & Recovery Victoria website provides details of current support available to emergency affected people, communities and businesses.

Victorian Government financial assistance

The following resources provide information about what assistance is available from the department. 

  • Personal Hardship Assistance Program

    The Personal Hardship Assistance Program (PHAP) provides financial assistance to alleviate the personal hardship and distress suffered by eligible Victorians, as a result of an emergency.

  • Personal Hardship Assistance Program Prepaid Card

    Financial assistance entitlements can be paid to recipients by prepaid debit card, this card can be used to make purchases or withdraw cash up to the card value.

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Victorian Emergency Recovery Information Line

Phone: 1300 799 232

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