Youth Justice Group Conferencing

What is Group Conferencing?

Group conferencing is a program based on restorative justice principles. It is a problem-solving approach to offending that aims to balance the needs of young people, victims and the community by encouraging dialogue between individuals who have offended and their victims.

Program Aims

The aim of the Victorian program is to provide a community rehabilitation intervention to the Children’s Court at the pre-sentence stage, in order to:

  • Divert the young person from more intensive supervisory court outcomes by raising their understanding of the impact of their offending on the victim and utilising the resources of the immediate and extended family and/or significant others to support the young person
  • Reduce frequency and seriousness of re-offending of young people referred to the program
  • Increase victim satisfaction with the criminal justice process
  • Effectively integrate young people into the community following the conference process.
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