Family violence

Help is available for those who have experienced family violence. Family violence includes not only physical injury but direct or indirect threats, sexual assault, emotional and psychological torment, economic control, damage to property, social isolation and any behaviour which causes a person to live in fear.

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Contact information for people experiencing family or domestic violence and seeking help.

What is family violence?

Family and domestic violence is any violent, threatening, coercive or controlling behaviour that occurs in current or past family, domestic or intimate relationships.

Adolescent Family Violence Service

Adolescent Family Violence Service aims to reduce family violence and increase the safety family members.

Aboriginal Family Violence

Community led initiatives which focus on violence in Aboriginal families, including project summaries and task force report.

Family violence support for women and children with a disability

The Disability and Family Violence Crisis Response initiative assists Victorian women and children with a disability who are experiencing family violence. It includes support to access family violence crisis accommodation or support to remain safe in their own home.

Homelessness and family violence

People experiencing homelessness not only need a roof over their head, but practical support to help them overcome the issues that can cause homelessness.

Family Violence Therapeutic Interventions Pilot Program

The Victorian Government is trialling new ways to provide intensive therapeutic support to women, children and their families experiencing family violence.

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