Family and early parenting support

Family Services will work with your family and develop an action plan to build on your family’s strengths. Depending on your needs, Family Services may work with other services. Workers may come and see you, provide support at home, bring other family members together to talk things through, or provide counselling.

Early parenting services will support you as parents from pregnancy until your child is four years old. If your family needs more support to care for your baby or toddler, specialist support, counselling and advice services are available. This may include education and skills development programs.

Early parenting centres, such as Mercy Health O’Connell Family Centre, Queen Elizabeth Centre, Tweddle Child and Family Health Service, provide experienced parenting support:

  • Day stay services - an intensive day program for support in the early parenting phase
  • Residential services - a centre-based intensive parenting program, where you stay at the centre for five days to build up your parenting skills (Canterbury, Noble Park, Footscray)
  • Home-based services - where skilled staff visit you in your home to work one-on-one with you in parenting skills and education
  • Group services - group-based programs, where you attend sessions with other parents and children, are designed to improve relationships and interaction between you and your child.
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