Reporting Child Abuse

Child abuse is a serious problem. In Victoria, if you suspect a case of child abuse or are mandated to report abuse, then you can contact Child Protection for advice.

For immediate help

To report concerns that are life threatening call Victoria Police 000.

To report concerns about the immediate safety of a child within their family unit, call the Child Protection Crisis Line 13 12 78 (24 hours, 7 days a week, toll free within Victoria)

Note: this is an emergency service for weekends and after hours only and will pass on cases to the relevant regions the following working day

To contact a child protection office close to you call a local office.

For further information

Information on how abuse can be recognised can be found on the What is child abuse? wepage and in publications on this site, such as:

Failure to disclose child sexual abuse offence

A new offence for failure to disclose child sexual abuse came into effect on 27 October 2014. The offence requires that any adult who holds a reasonable belief that a sexual offence has been committed in Victoria by an adult against a child (aged under 16) disclose that information to police. The offence applies to all adults in Victoria, not just professionals who work with children, unless they have a reasonable excuse.

Further information about the offence and how to report is available on this site.

  • How to make a report to Child Protection

    Professionals involved with vulnerable children, young people and their families, including families with an unborn child, may consider they should report or refer a concern to either Child Protection or Child FIRST.

Contact Information

Victoria Police
Tel: 000

Child Protection Crisis Line
Tel: 13 12 78 (after hours)

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