Intercountry Adoption

Intercountry Adoption

Intercountry adoptionIn some countries, for a range of complex cultural and economic reasons, children are unable to be taken care of by their parents, extended families, or anyone else. The majority of these children must grapple with a range of medical and psycho-social special needs. They are often older children who have no possibility of growing up in a family environment in their country of birth.
Becoming a part of a secure and loving Victorian family could help some of these children to realise their full potential.

These pages have been set up by the Department of Human Services to explain the background to intercountry adoption, the processes, and the frustrations, so that families interested in pursuing this path know exactly what they're letting themselves in for. It's worth reading carefully.

Intercountry adoption can be immensely rewarding for families, and particularly for the children who'll be embraced by those families. However, over recent years a dramatic decline in the numbers of young and generally healthy children requiring intercountry adoption, coupled with an equally dramatic increase in the number of families interested in adopting a child born overseas, has led to significant changes in both the process and the practice of intercountry adoption.

So, before you consider applying, there are some important things you should know.

They may surprise you.

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