Adoption and permanent care

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Mum and child

Children are our most precious asset. There is no more serious commitment in life than raising and nurturing children; to share their joys and sorrows, to honour their love, to pass on your experience to a new generation. These aren't just the privileges of parenthood; they are duties and obligations.

Sometimes, for many different reasons, children need to be raised by a family other than the one they were born into. This enables them to benefit from the commitment of parenthood.

Adoption is not the only way of bringing a child into your family. Permanent care is another. Both options provide children with the care and love they need to grow and prosper.

Adopting a child in Victoria

Adoption in Victoria is the legal process by which a child becomes a member of a new family.

Changes to the Adoption Act 1984

Amendments to the Adoption Act 1984 were passed in the Victorian Parliament in May 2013.

The amended Act contains changes in relation to the access to information for people affected by adoptions in Victoria. It also allows the Victorian Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages to register the adoption of a child whose adoption was finalised in a Hague Convention country.

Permanent care and becoming a parent

Children placed in permanent care come through child protection services. Unlike adoption, it is not a voluntary placement. The department makes decisions about the safety of children and whether children will be placed with a permanent care family.

Adopting a child from overseas

In Victoria the Inter-country Adoption Service is responsible for the management of the Intercountry Adoption Program.

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