Ministerial Council for Volunteers

David Rowlands

The Ministerial Council for Volunteers (the Council) has been established to advise the Government on how best to support and strengthen the volunteer sector.

The Parliamentary Secretary for Industry, Employment and Volunteers Ms Gabrielle Williams MP is Chair of the Council.

The Council will provide high-level, independent advice to government, through the Minister for Families & Children, about issues affecting volunteering in Victoria and inform a coordinated, whole-of-sector approach to supporting and strengthening the volunteer sector.

Council membership

Membership of the Council reflects the diversity of volunteers in Victoria and members were appointed for their breadth of experience covering a wide range of volunteering perspectives.

Council updates

Call for input - Leadership in volunteering survey

The Council invited all Leaders of Volunteers to contribute to the development of the Council’s advice on strengthening leadership in volunteering across Victoria.

The survey has now closed, and thank you to everyone who responded. More information will be coming in the new year.

Council meetings

At the November meeting, members reflected on the Council's first year of operation and continued work on the Council's major reports.

Council's August meeting further refined the scope of its major reports and endorsed a new terms of reference.

The Council met for the third time on 20 May 2016 to consider its inaugural work plan.




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