Men's Sheds

Two men working together to build a coffee table
Two men working together to build a coffee table

Grants to build new men’s sheds or to refurbish existing men's sheds are now open

Communities across Victoria can now apply for funding under the Men’s Sheds Program.

Up to $1 million in funding is available for men’s sheds groups to build a new men's shed or refurbish an existing men's shed.

Men’s sheds are safe and practical places for men to meet, make social connections and actively participate in their local communities.

A new build grant of up to $60,000 is available to:

  • construct a new men’s shed
  • redevelop an existing building into a men’s shed
  • co-locate a men’s shed within a multifunction community facility or hub.

A refurbishment grant of up to $30,000 is available for:

  • modifications to meet health and safety and/or disability access standards
  • modifications to meet public access needs
  • modifications to increase shed capacity
  • refurbishments to expand activities based on community demand.

Priority will be given to projects that:

  • demonstrate a high level of need for the project in the community
  • come from communities that are affected by fire, drought or flood
  • contain a clear strategic plan to sustain the operation of the shed as an inclusive community facility and address issues of social isolation
  • represent considerable value for government investment
  • will address significant disadvantage in the local community.

Who can apply

Funding is available to incorporated not-for-profit organisations and local councils.

How to apply

See the the Men's Sheds Program - Men's sheds: building and strengthening Victorian communities grant guidelines January 2016, which can be downloaded:

To make an application, contact the department's Local Connections Team in your area to discuss your application. It is strongly recommended that you also seek advice from the Victorian Men’s Shed Association. Details are on page 11 of the guidelines.

An information session will be held on 11 February 2016. See page 12 of the guidelines for details.

Closing date for applications

Final applications must be submitted to the department's Local Connections Team by 5pm Friday 27 May 2016.

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