In your neighbourhood

Getting involved in activities in and around your neighbourhood helps to build a sense of belonging and rootedness to the place you live in.

By contributing to your neighbourhood and taking part in community events, you develop friendships and ties with your community along the way.

The Victorian Government offers many opportunities and avenues where you can become more involved with your neighbourhood and community. These include neighbourhood volunteering, Neighbourhood Houses projects, recreational classes and support groups, job and learning opportunities and more.

  • Neighbourhood houses

    Neighbourhood houses are not-for-profit centres where people of all abilities, backgrounds and ages can come to interact, develop new skills, transition to work and further study, volunteer, become involved in community events, find out about other services or activities in the area, join a class or support group or take up an activity for fun and enjoyment.

  • Community Renewal

    Community Renewal is improving facilities and supporting participation for people living in disadvantaged communities. It brings different parts of government, community organisations and local residents together to set priorities and take action to revitalise the places where they live, work, learn and play.

  • Manningham Needs Analysis

    The Victorian Government has committed to undertake an analysis of the accessibility of health and community services in the Manningham Local Government Area (LGA). The focus of the analysis will be on identifying the needs of the local community, access barriers to existing services and opportunities to improve or to reconfigure services. The project will also contribute to the development of planning approaches that could be used in other locations.

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