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Service Agreement Information Kit for Funded Organisations

5.4 Service plan information

Service plans listed in Schedule 2 group together like service activities specific to a program area and identify the department's region/division/group providing funding.

Where an organisation provides a single service activity, their agreement will consist of one service plan. Organisations providing multiple services across different program areas and/or regions/divisions/groups will hold agreements made up of multiple service plans.

  • Each service plan will have at least one service activity and will provide the following information:
  • Activity number and name (e.g. 17201 – Futures for Young Adults).
  • Financial Year
  • Funding - baseline, variation and total funding applicable for the financial year. All funding detailed in the agreement excludes GST.

Performance measures and targets applicable to the service activity being funded. Each service activity may have up to three standard performance measures. Performance measures may include for example the number of clients accessing a service or may be focused on the quality of service provided, for example the numbers of clients with a case plan.

Other service delivery requirements may be listed at the beginning of the service plan. These requirements may relate to a specific service activity, or more broadly to the service plan.

Further details of the activity specifications are provided in the Department of Health and Human Services Policy and Funding Guidelines (external link, opens in a new window) and the Department of Education and Training Early Childhood Program and Services Guide (external link, opens in a new window). These documents include information on the service to be delivered, target group for the service, monitoring and review requirements, standard performance measures and counting rules, service redevelopment and key documents (service guidelines).