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Service Agreement Information Kit for Funded Organisations

4.16 Multiple and complex needs initiative

Department of Health and Human Services

Who does this policy apply to?

The Multiple and Complex Needs Initiative service provision framework (external link, opens in a new window) applies to programs and organisations funded by the Department of Health and Human Services to fulfill MACNI tasks.  

Policy purpose

To ensure programs and organisations funded to provide Multiple and Complex Needs Initiative (MACNI) services are aware of and comply with operational guidelines and relevant legislation.

Legislation and /or regulation

Human Services (Complex Needs) Act 2009 (external link, opens in a new window)

Organisation requirements

The Multiple and Complex Needs Initiative is a joint initiative of the Department of Health and Human Services and the Department of Justice and Regulation. MACNI provides assessment, care plan coordination and brokerage funding for people with multiple and complex needs that challenge existing legislative frameworks and service systems.

The Human Services (Complex Needs) Act 2009 (external link, opens in a new window) underpins MACNI. The legislation supports the delivery of coordinated health and human services to people determined eligible under the Act.

MACNI promotes collaborative cross program planning and support at the local level. It provides a highly targeted specialist intervention for eligible individuals that:

  • stabilises housing, health, social connection and safety
  • provides a platform for long term engagement in the service system
  • pursues planned and consistent therapeutic goals for each person.

MACNI is complementary to, and does not replace, existing services or systems of support for individuals with multiple and complex needs. Successful implementation of MACNI requires existing service providers to respond to the needs of people within the target group in accordance with the guiding principles of the Act.

Access to MACNI is via consultation with the MACNI Divisional Coordinator appointed in each Department of Health and Human Services Division.

For further information

Shane Beaumont, Service Design and Operations
Telephone: (03) 9096 2523