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Service Agreement Information Kit for Funded Organisations

4.12 Climate change adaptation and environmental sustainability

Department of Health and Human Services

Who does this policy apply to?

This policy applies to organisations funded by the Department of Health and Human Services.

Policy purpose

To encourage funded organisations to understand and respond to climate change risks, to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and to implement resource efficiency programs to reduce operational costs. 

Legislation and /or regulation

Not applicable

Organisation requirements

Organisations are encouraged to:

Climate change adaption

  • Understand their climate change risks (policy and program goals, assets, workforce, services and clients)
  • Develop and implement resilience plans of how they will respond to natural disasters and other effects of climate change.

A good basis for undertaking this work is participation in the Community Services Natural Disaster Resilience Program. The program is open to organisations funded by the Department of Health and Human Services. Its purpose is to assist organisations understand climate change risks and prepare for them. For more information go to: (external link, opens in a new window)

Resource efficiency

  • Prepare and implement environmental management plans, track performance and report publicly on improvements in resource efficiency.

For further information

Department of Health and Human Services' Sustainability in healthcare (external link, opens in a new window) website

Daniel Voronoff, Senior Policy Officer, Environmental Management
Telephone: (03) 9096 7173

Tiernan Humphrys, Manager Environmental Sustainability
Telephone: (03) 9096 2057

Department of Education and Training

Environmental sustainability

The Department of Education and Training (DET) is committed to environmental sustainability across the Victorian education sector, including reducing resource use and environmental impacts of its operations. In line with the National Quality Standard (3.3), DET funded early childhood organisations are encouraged to embed sustainable practices in their operations, and support children to become environmentally responsible.

DET does not currently publish environmental sustainability resources for early childhood organisations. There are resources published by Sustainability Victoria for schools that can assist early childhood organisations to reduce the resource use and environmental impacts of their operations. These are available on the Sustainability Victoria website at (external link, opens in a new window).

For further information

Caitlin Phillips, Manager, Portfolio Standards Unit, Standards and Planning Branch, Infrastructure and Sustainability Division, Infrastructure and Finance Services Group
Telephone: (03) 9947 1862