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Service Agreement Information Kit for Funded Organisations

2.2 Service Agreement document and structure

An organisation funded by the Department of Health and Human Services and the Department of Education and Training will have a separate Service Agreement for each funding department.

Organisations receiving both disability and other program funding from the Department of Health and Human Services will have the funding managed in separate Service Agreements, because of the three year limitation to contract periods.

Authorised persons can view the Service Agreement with each department through the Service Agreement Module on the Funded Agency Channel (external link, opens in a new window).

Service Agreement sample

The Service Agreement document structure and format, including schedules is identical for both departments. There are some differences between the terms and conditions for the departments and these are covered in Chapter 3 (opens in a new window) of this kit.

Department of Health and Human Services sample Service Agreement (excluding Disability) (PDF 847 KB, opens in a new window)

Department of Health and Human Services sample Service Agreement (Disability only) (PDF 845 KB, opens in a new window)

Department of Education and Training sample Service Agreement (PDF 849 KB, opens in a new window)

For an accessible version of the sample Service Agreements, email

Service Agreement structure

The Service Agreement document consists of the following sections:


This section contains the signature clauses for authorised persons to sign for the department and the organisation. Where there are multiple organisations that will provide the services (e.g a non-incorporated consortium), this section may require signature from multiple persons authorised to sign the Service Agreement for the relevant organisations.


This section contains a brief background to the Service Agreement and describes reasons for the organisation and the department entering into the Service Agreement.

A partnering approach taken to working together in good faith to achieve objectives in a way that is consistent (as applicable):

The Background also includes the Victorian Government's commitment to the transition to the full scheme of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).


This section contains core Service Agreement details: the organisation's legal name, the department's name, the agreement's start and end dates and the primary contact details of each party.

Terms and conditions

This section contains the standard terms and conditions of the Service Agreement. These conditions are described in detail in Chapter 3 (opens in a new window).

Schedule 1

This Schedule provides a list of applicable departmental policies related to the delivery of services by the organisation.

Schedule 1 lists the applicable departmental policies contained in Chapter 4 (opens in a new window) of the Service Agreement Information Kit. Some of these policies are overarching and apply to every organisation with a Service Agreement. Other policies in Chapter 4 of the Service Agreement Information Kit only apply in certain circumstances. Each policy listed in Chapter 4 contains information at the beginning of the policy outlining the circumstances where the policy applies.

Schedule 1 also contains a list of key documents. These are service/program specific applicable departmental policies that apply to services being funded in the Service Agreement.

Schedule 2

Schedule 2 includes:

  • a funding summary and Service Agreement level payment schedule
  • data collection requirements (for performance reporting and other data reporting)
  • service plan details, including:
    • services to be provided by the organisation
    • funding to be paid by the department for the services
    • service performance measures and targets
    • delivery catchments information if applicable
    • any additional requirements related to the specific service plan or activity.

Detailed activity descriptions for the services being funded are provided in the relevant department's policy and funding guidelines (opens in a new window).

Organisations can also view future year projected funding amounts for most funded activities via the Service Agreement Module on the Funded Agency Channel (external link, opens in a new window).

Schedule 3

This optional schedule enables the relevant department and organisation to:

  • record any special conditions agreed between the department and the organisation
  • record agreed actions that the organisation and the department will take under the Service Agreement overall (not to specific service plans).