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Service Agreement Information Kit for Funded Organisations

3.8.3 Timelines for Service Agreement Compliance Certification

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The Service Agreement Compliance Certification is based on the organisation's operating period.

From July 2016, FAR reporting has been incorporated into the Service Agreement Compliance Certification (SACC). Organisations can record the planned date of their AGM against the SACC online via the Service Agreement Module of the Funded Agency Channel (external link). This will automatically update the due date for SACC completion.

The annual SACC must be submitted to the department:

  • within seven days of the organisation’s annual general meeting 
  • within three months of the end the organisation's financial operating period. For example, an organisation operating on:
    • Financial year (1 Jul to 30 Jun) - Due by 1 Oct
    • Calendar year (1 Jan to 31 Dec) - Due by 1 Apr
    • Other (1 Oct to 30 Sep) - Due by 1 Jan
    • Other (1 Nov to 31 Oct) - Due by 1 Feb
    • Other (1 Apr to 31 Mar) - Due 1 Jul
  • another time if agreed by the department and the organisation.

Where the department has reasonable concerns about an organisation's financial position, the department can require more frequent FAR reporting under clause 8.2. The department will discuss any concerns it has with the organisation and advise in writing of any additional reporting requirements.