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Service Agreement Information Kit for Funded Organisations

3.8.1 Reporting and accountability

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Organisations are accountable for the appropriate use of funding, and for the delivery of the services specified in the Service Agreement.

Service Agreement Compliance Certification (SACC)

Most organisations funded through a Service Agreement will be required to submit an annual Service Agreement Compliance Certification (SACC). The initial SACC will be for organisations operating on a financial year basis, and will be for the period 1 July 2015 to 30 June 2016.

The SACC contains questions relating to:

  • Financial Management – that the organisation has used funding as outlined in their Service Agreement, is financial viable, has prepared its financial reports and any audit reports and maintains an asset register
  • Risk Management – that risks are managed in accordance with the Australian/New Zealand Risk Management Standard
  • Staff safety screening – referee checks, police checks, and if relevant Working with Children Checks have been completed
  • Privacy and Data Protection – that the organisation’s practices and systems are compliant with the Privacy and Data Protection Act 2014 and the Health Records Act 2001, to protect personal and health information.

The SACC must be submitted to the department three months after the organisation’s financial operating period, or seven days after the organisation’s Annual General Meeting.

Does the SACC apply to my organisation?

The SACC form is mandatory for:

  • Organisations that are funded by the Department of Health and Human Services and/or the Department of Education and Training through a Service Agreement.
  • Organisations in scope of the Carer Register, the Disability Worker Exclusion Scheme and Human Services Standards and Accreditation.

Risk Management questions do not apply to the following organisations:  

  • TAFEs and Universities, some Statutory Bodies and other organisations that already complete a Risk Management Attestation/Certification to the Victorian Government. This could be part of their annual reporting requirements under the Financial Management Act or publishing similar certification in their Annual Reports as required by legislation.

Financial statements are not submitted by the following organisations – although they still respond to the four financial management questions.

  • Local government
  • Universities/TAFE
  • Government schools

The SACC form is not required for:

  • Organisations that only receive funding under a Short Form Common Funding Agreement
  • Hospitals are excluded when they already complete financial reports to the Department of Health and Human Services on a monthly basis; complete a Risk Management Attestation/Certification and are scrutinised by the Health Services Commissioner in relation to their compliance with the Health Records Act and the Privacy and Data Protection Act; and where they currently manage staff file sampling as part of accreditation processes and other compliance requirements, including the Australian Health Practitioner Regulations

SACC resources are available from the following links:

Guidelines for the Service Agreement Compliance Certification (SACC) form (opens in a new window, Word 1.4 mb)

How to complete your Service Agreement Compliance Certification in the Service Agreement Module is available on the Funded Agency Channel at:

'How to video to complete the SACC' which is available on the Funded Agency Channel at:

Staff seeking information relating to SACC, please email:

Data collection

To ensure accountability, organisations are required to regularly report on its funded services through data collections and other reporting. This allows the organisation and department to periodically review progress and to adjust the Service Agreement if necessary.

Details of data collection requirements are located in Schedule 2 of the Service Agreement, the Service Agreement Module on Funded Agency Channel (external link) and in departmental policy and funding guidelines.

Service Delivery Tracking - Department of Health and Human Services (human services)

In recognition of the need to refine performance monitoring frameworks, the Department of Health and Human Services introduced a service delivery tracking process so that the department and providers can account for service delivery against their Service Agreement targets.

Organisations funded for in scope activities are required to submit performance data on a monthly basis through an online service delivery tracking tool in Funded Agency Channel (My Agency).

Further information about Service Delivery Tracking can be found on the Funded Agency Channel's Service Delivery Tracking webpage (external link, opens in a new window).  

Standard Chart of Accounts

Requests for financial information from non-profit community organisations by the Victorian Government must be consistent with the Victorian Standard Chart of Accounts (SCoA), including terminology.

The SCoA was implemented on 1 July 2010 and is a set of standard accounts which provides a common approach for government when collecting financial information from non-profit community organisations.

The Standard Chart of Accounts and its support materials can be found at the Accounting for Good (external link, opens in a new window) website.