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Service Agreement Information Kit for Funded Organisations

Attachment 1 Organisations assets register - data requirements

  Field name Field use
1. Asset description General Description: - Use the following formula: (Item)(Make)(Model)
2. Serial number Serial number recorded on the manufacturer's label or plate.
3. Asset number Each asset recorded on the assets register should have a unique identification number that may be used to locate the asset entry in the assets register. Depending on the type of assets register kept, the asset number could be a line or folio number in a manual ledger through to a bar code label number in a sophisticated computerised system.
4. Supplier As described on the purchase order.
5. Asset custodian/controller Person or title of person with custodial responsibility.
6. Address Enter full postal address where the asset is located.
7. Asset value Usually the gross purchase price, that is, the cost before deducting any trade in allowance.
8. Purchase date Purchase date of asset or date asset was transferred from another funded organisation.
9. Department funds used Enter the $ amount of department funds used to acquire this asset.
10. Year of funding Enter the financial year when grant was disclosed as a cash receipt.
11. Department program The department program that funded or part funded the asset purchase.
12. Accumulated depreciation Enter: asset value x (depreciation rate *x years**)
13. Written down value Enter - asset value less accumulated depreciation.
14. Depreciation date Accumulated depreciation and written down value should be calculated annually to 30 June.
15. Disposal date Date that asset was removed from service.
16. Disposal method Enter details of disposal, for example, trade in, sale, theft etc.
17. Disposal receipts Enter the $ proceeds received on disposal of asset.