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Service Agreement Information Kit for Funded Organisations

3.4.4 Acknowledgement and Publicity Guidelines

Organisations under clause 4.17 of the service agreement are to acknowledge the funding support provided by the Victorian Government for the services funded under the agreement.

A Victorian Government funding acknowledgement must be made in:

  • publications and publicity related to services funded – for example, websites,  press releases, brochures, posters and speeches/launches
  • an organisation’s annual report.

Please note: No acknowledgement is required for general administrative notices or messages, such as weekly newsletters, relating to operational aspects of the business. These guidelines are focused on publications that directly relate to services funded by the Victorian Government. 

Brand Victoria was launched on 12 August 2015 and introduced new Victorian Government logos. The Acknowledgement and Publicity Guidelines provide updated information on the new logo.

Organisations in making the acknowledgment should follow the below guidelines outlined in the document:

'Acknowledgment and publicity guidelines for Victorian Government funding support: for organisations funded under a Service Agreement' (Updated February 2016) (Word 422 KB) (opens in a new window)

Some services have program specific requirements to acknowledge Victorian Government funding (for example, youth programs,men’s sheds and HACC programs). These program specific requirements will continue to apply, and to the extent that there is a conflcit between the program specific acknowledgement requirements and the acknowledgement requirements described in the 'Acknowledgement and publicity guidelines' contained in this page, the program requirements will prevail.

If an organisation has any questions in relation to these funding acknowledgement requirements, please contact your department service agreement contact.