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Service Agreement Information Kit for Funded Organisations

3.0.1 Terms and conditions of the Service Agreement

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The current Service Agreement terms and conditions were updated and take effect from 11 December 2015. The Service Agreement governs funding to organisations for service delivery. The previous terms and conditions were rolled over from the financial years 2012-2015.

The terms and conditions were reviewed by the departments and sector representatives of the Service Agreement Working Group, a sub-group of the Health and Human Services Partnership Implementation Committee.

The Service Agreement terms and conditions:

  • acknowledge the partnering approach between the department and funded organisations
  • reflect changes to policy, legislative requirements and business needs to support sustainable, efficient and effective services
  • reduce red tape by simplifying funding and financial reporting requirements
  • are clear, consistent and transparent on contractual processes, rights and obligations of the department and organisations under the service agreement
  • group the clauses by common topics and includes sub-headings to assist readability.

The terms and conditions for the Service Agreement for each department are provided at the beginning of the sample Service Agreement.

Sample Service Agreements are available in section 2.2 Service Agreement document and structure for:

  • Department of Health and Human Services (excluding Disability)
  • Deparment of Health and Human Services (Disability only)
  • Department of Education and Training

For an accessible version of the sample Service Agreements, please email