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Service Agreement Information Kit for Funded Organisations

1.5 Partnering with the community sector

Organisations and the departments share a vision to improve the outcomes for people in Victoria and seek to work together in reaching this objective.

The Memorandum of Understanding between non-government health, housing and community services sector, the Department of Human Services and Department of Health (2012-2015) (external link - opens in new window) outlines the shared commitment between the Department of Health & Human Services and funded organisations to work together to make a positive difference for people in Victoria.

The Department of Education and Training also has a Partnership Agreement between the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development and the Victorian Community Sector (2014-2018) (external link - opens in new window).

The purpose of these documents is to:

  • affirm agreed expectations of the working relationship between the departments and funded health, housing and community service organisations
  • recognise that the departments and organisations have legitimate differences in governance, roles and responsibilities
  • recognise that the departments and the funded sector share an overriding common objective, which is to achieve best possible outcomes from the provision of services to the people of Victoria
  • set out the vision, values and goals which the departments and organisations hold in common
  • support a shared approach to developing more effective working arrangements between the departments and the sector each department funds.

These documents reiterate the importance of the strength of the relationship between the departments and funded organisations to ensure effective public policy and best service outcomes for all Victorians. They also acknowledge that organisations are sovereign entities (independent and autonomous) that are ultimately responsible for their own performance.

Partnering resources

Partnering Guides can be found on the Victorian Council of Social Service's website (opens in a new window, external link).