Emergency assistance

Emergencies are an inevitable part of life. Emergencies, whether natural (such as bushfires, floods, storms or earthquakes) or non-natural (such as chemical incidents, transport accidents or major criminal acts of violence), can occur in any community without warning.

When emergencies occur, people mobilise quickly to assist those affected. A range of government agencies, as well as municipalities and community groups, are always quick to respond to the hazard, rescue people, treat the injured and control the immediate consequences of the event.

Afterwards, people affected by the emergency may face complex issues that require advice and assistance. Many people will recover from the effects of an emergency with little assistance. Others will turn to friends and family for advice and assistance, and some may need formal services.

Accommodation after emergencies

Many people affected by an emergency make their own accommodation arrangements with family and friends. There are also government and community services available for people who require further support in finding permanent housing.

Under the State Emergency Relief and Recovery Plan, local councils are responsible for supporting people affected by an emergency to find temporary housing. This support may include making arrangements for emergency shelter, emergency accommodation and interim accommodation.

If requested by local councils, the Department of Health and Human Services assists in finding emergency housing for individuals and families. The department will then work with household members to assess their needs and identify the best option for their ongoing housing arrangements.

The department also works with other agencies to support the ongoing recovery of people and communities after an emergency.

Travelling the road to recovery - video series

In this series, disaster psychologist, Dr Rob Gordon discusses some of the emotions and emotional stages you may experience after an emergency, and suggests strategies to manage these feelings throughout your recovery.

Emergency management training program

We offer a range of training courses for people working in the health and human services sector.

You can view course profiles and register for courses online from our Emergency management training page.


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