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Victorian Bushfire Appeal Fund

Victorian Bushfire Appeal Fund

Rural Properties Recovery Assistance Payment -

Victorian Bushfire Appeal Fund

The Victorian Bushfire Appeals Advisory Panel has agreed to the provision of a Rural Properties Recovery Assistance payment to assist individual rural landowners in the bushfire affected areas who have suffered distress and hardship.

Am I eligible?

You may be eligible for the Rural Properties Recovery Assistance Payment if you own a property of 2 hectares or more in bushfire affected areas that has suffered direct damage or destruction.


  • Due to the relevant legislation, the Victorian Bushfire Appeal Fund is unable to make a payment to support commercial activity such as a farm business.
  • This payment was previously only available for properties of 5 hectares or more.
  • You are not eligible for the payment if you have already received:
    • a Natural Disaster Relief and Recovery Assistance (NDRRA) Clean up and Restoration Grant or Special Circumstances Grant relating to your rural property, or
    • the Rural Properties Recovery Assistance Payment (this payment) before the change in property size.

What assistance is available?

If you are eligible you will receive a $5,000 payment. Payments will be made to your nominated bank account.

Is there a restriction on how the payment can be spent?

The payment is to relieve the distress and hardship of individuals who have suffered damage or destruction to their property. Payments cannot be used for activities such as fencing, re-sowing or rebuilding infrastructure where they are directly related to a commercial entity.

What information do I need to provide?

The Government recognises the extraordinary circumstances that families are facing and will work with individuals to ensure that any necessary information can be obtained in a flexible and sensitive manner. The Government will need to reasonably establish proof of identity, proof of ownership of property and confirm that the property has experienced damage and destruction.

Who will administer the Rural Properties Recovery Assistance Payment?

The Rural Properties Recovery Assistance Payment will be administered by the Rural Finance Corporation.

How long do I have to claim?

Applications for this Gift have now closed.

How do I make an application for the payment?

Complete the Rural Properties Recovery Assistance Payment application form (PDF, 201kb) and send it to:

Rural Finance Corporation
GPO Box 1313
Bendigo Central 3552


Fax the form to the Rural Finance Corporation (03) 5441 8901.

More information from Rural Finance Corporation is available:

Further enquiries about the payment can also be made by calling 1800 180 213 or by email,

How do I find out about other assistance?

Contact the Bushfire Hotline on 1800 240 667 or view information on assistance available on the Department of Human Services website.