K2 Apartments

K2 Apartments

K2 apartments

  • Location: K2 Raleigh Street, Windsor
  • Completed: February 2007
  • Built for: A variety of residents, with a focus on people with a disability
  • Cost: $32.4 million
  • Architect: DesignInc Melbourne PTY Ltd
  • Builder: Hansen Yuncken PTY Ltd

Key facts:

Each K2 Apartment is anticipated to need:

  • 55 per cent less mains electricity
  • 46 per cent less gas from the mains supply
  • 53 per cent less mains water (including irrigation) than a standard apartment each year due to the rainwater harvesting, grey water re-use, solar water heating and photovoltaic panels.

The complex consists of 96 units one common room and 52 car parks. Approximately 50 per cent of the units are designed for people with disability.


The K2 apartments are the most environmentally sustainable public housing development in Australia. In recognition of the K2 Apartments' sustainability and socially responsible design, the development has won numerous awards.

With features such as rainwater storage, greywater recycling, reduced gas and electricity needs and photovoltaic panels to generate solar power, K2 is the landmark development.

96 units are spread across four separate buildings which were specifically designed and positioned to receive maximum natural light. All buildings are oriented on an east-west axis and are staggered across the site, with two front buildings of four and five levels respectively, and two rear buildings of eight levels each.

The height of the buildings and the distance between the front and back pairs were calculated to ensure that every unit would receive northern sun all year round, thereby providing natural light to all residents and improving air quality throughout.

The K2 apartments were also designed to create a healthy environment for tenants. A 'green spine' links the buildings, that is designed to promote interaction between tenants. Tenants have access to a number of gardens and communal spaces.

Pedestrians have priority access over cars, and the property is positioned close to public transport and the CBD. Of the 96 apartments, 49 have been designed to be accessible to the disabled.

About 150 people are living in K2.

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