New services for residents of the Oakleigh Centre

The Victorian Government is working with the Oakleigh Centre to build six new community-based homes for residents living at the centre’s outdated congregate accommodation.

The Victorian Government has invested $14.1 million to replace the institutional-style accommodation at Allen Street as part of its commitment to closing congregate-care style facilities.

The Oakleigh Centre is an accommodation and day service provider for people with an intellectual disability. In 2016, 24 residents will move from the Allen Street property to five new group homes and one two-bedroom unit.

Oakleigh Centre residents, their families and staff played a key role in designing and developing the new properties to be furnished according to the residents’ wants and needs.

Opening of first new home

The first of six new community-based homes to replace the Oakleigh Centre’s outdated congregate service for people with a disability was officially opened in August 2016.

The remaining properties will be completed by the end of 2016 and the existing facility will close after all residents have moved.

Watch this video about the construction of the first home

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