Building more inclusive communities for people with disabilities

Building better communities, where all people feel safe and welcome to participate as valued citizens, means making communities more inclusive of people with disabilities.

Strengthening local communities

The department supports inclusive local communities by working with local government and communities to improve access to local resources and supports. Initiatives have been put in place to support local communities to plan and develop strategies that increase community membership and participation for people with disabilities.

RuralAccess and MetroAccess, deaf access Victoria

Initiatives such as RuralAccess, MetroAccess and deafaccess Victoria, give people with a disability more opportunities to join in the life of their community through a range of arts, cultural, sport, tourism and leisure activities, as well as by improving access to education, health and other services in local communities.

Disabilities Donations Trust

The Disability Donations Trust (The Trust) is part of the Psychiatric Illness and Intellectual Disabilities Donations Trust Fund (PIIDDTF), a set of charitable bequests and donations. The Trust provides grants to people with a disability to assist in meeting needs they are otherwise unable to afford. Funds are held and invested by State Trustees Ltd and managed by the Department of Human Services.

Further information about the Trust is available on this site.

Cultural and Linguistic Diversity

The department supports cultural and linguistic diversity (CALD) in our communities, providing language services to ensure our services are accessible and support all Victorians to participate in the community.

Further information about language services is available on this site.

Changing Places

The 2017-18 Changing Places funding round is now open.

Funding of up to $100,000 (plus GST) will be provided to support not-for-profit organisations and/or Local Government Authorities (Victorian) to construct a Changing Places facility.

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