Multiple and Complex Needs Initiative (MACNI)

The Multiple and Complex Needs Initiative (MACNI) is a time-limited specialist service for people 16 years and older, who have been identified as having multiple and complex needs. This includes people with combinations of mental illness, substance abuse issues, intellectual impairment, acquired brain injury and forensic issues. Often these individuals pose a risk to themselves and to the community.

This initiative provides an effective and coordinated approach to supporting individuals to achieve stability in health, housing, social connection and safety, so they can be linked back into comprehensive ongoing support. Participation in MACNI is voluntary.

Access to MACNI provides information about the MACNI model, eligibility, the referral process, the regional gateway and the role of regional coordinators who provide the first point of contact for service providers and others seeking information about the service.

How MACNI was developed provides information about the extensive research and service development that underpinned this innovative service.

Legislation provides information about the Human Services (Complex Needs) Act 2009 which underpins the work of MACNI.

MACNI is a shared service across the Department of Health & Human Services (DHHS) in partnership with the Department of Justice & Regulation. MACNI is managed by DHHS.

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