Language Services - human services

The department has consolidated interpreting and translation services for human service related program areas. The language services provider is the Victorian Interpreting & Translating Service (VITS).

Services provided by VITS include:

  • telephone interpreting
  • on-site interpreting (spoken languages and Auslan)
  • translations
  • video remote interpreting.

To access VITS services, departmental user and funded organisations have been allocated an identification number (PIN) by VITS. The PINs will assist the department to monitor language service usage.

Accessing language services

Bookings for interpreters and translations can be made using the PIN for your organisation or departmental location:

Interpreting bookings including video remote interpreting

Online booking system: VITS client portal (external site, opens in a new window)
Telephone: (03) 9280 1955 (24 hours seven days a week)

The Video Remote Interpreting service is for people who are Deaf or hard of hearing and use Australian Sign Language (Auslan) to communicate. More information about the Video Remote Interpreting service is available on this site.

Translation enquiries

Online booking system: VITS client portal (external site, opens in a new window)
Telephone: (03) 9280 1941

For information about organising translations see the Language services access guide section on this page. 

Language services credit lines

There are four divisional credit lines. Access to the credit lines is to support organisations to provide department funded services, and for department staff to support service provision to their clients.

The divisional credit lines will continue to have monthly allocations, which will put a limit on the onsite bookings that can be made each month.

For more information about the operation of the credit lines and eligibility see the Language services access guide section on this page.

Both the Department of Education and Training and the Department of Health and Human Services programs have separate Language Services arrangements to support the services they fund. For further details about these arrangements, please refer to:

Language services access guide

The delivery of culturally responsive and equitable services is a core activity of the department. The Language services access guide explains the requirements and processes for language services activities, including:

  • booking an interpreter
  • organising translations
  • eligibility
  • funding limitations.

The Language services access guide is available to download on this site.

Delivering for all

Delivering for All is the department's four-year framework outlining our commitment to ensuring our services are accessible and support all Victorians to participate in the community. Language services are an important component of this framework that assists the department to respond to diversity.

Language services policy

The department’s Language services policy supports the department and its funded services in responding to the needs of linguistically diverse people, including migrants, refugees and asylum seekers and those that use a form of sign language.

The Language services policy identifies when language services should be offered to clients based on legislative requirements and best practice service delivery. Department-funded organisations and services are encouraged to develop local language services policies and procedures consistent with this policy.

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