Aboriginal Family Decision Making Sharing Messages

This material is designed to assist in sharing messages about the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders Family Decision Making (AFDM) program involving Elders, Department of Human Services Child Protection AFDM convenors, Community AFDM convenors, Child Protection workers and families. The learning package contains a video/DVD ‘Sharing messages’, facilitator’s notes to accompany the video/DVD and session notes for Elders and joint sessions. One session is to be facilitated with Elders interested or currently involved in the program (a two-hour session) and another is designed for Elders, Community convenors and Child Protection convenors (a three-hour joint session).
This material is designed to be used in local areas, primarily for Elders, Community convenors, Department of Human Services Child Protection convenors and Child Protection workers to learn about AFDM and share messages about the program with one another.
This material covers the key messages in relation to AFDM while also allowing for regional variation and local area information to be included.

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