Adolescent Support Program

We offer a range of services to assist and support young people aged 12-17 years, who are living at home or independently, and who are clients of Child Protection.

Adolescent Support services assist young people to remain with their families where possible and to prevent or minimise the need for State intervention regarding the care/accommodation of the young person.

Adolescent Support services aim to provide a responsive and flexible service that addresses the needs of young people who are in immediate crisis or 'at risk' of harm, and to provide ongoing support and supervision where necessary. Our aim is to assist young people to gain stability in relation to the management of their personal circumstances and provide them with ongoing support as they establish themselves in an appropriate living situation where necessary.

A range of strategies may be used by Adolescent Support to achieve the identified outcomes including provision of information to clients and families, case management, referral, community development and group work.

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