Public Tenant Employment Program video and transcript

PTEP Video Transcript

Greg, Cleaner: "I don’t think I would have been employed by anyone else.  I’d applied for other jobs and got knock backs after knock backs and that’s, yeah, I was very lucky to get this one."

The Public Tenant Employment Program provides training and employment for residents in public housing.

How has the Public Tenant Employment Program changed your life?

Gary, Director, Too Deadly Cleaning: "It gave me more belief in myself in it, changed me life, made me more active."

Peter, Labourer: "I used to walk along the street, you know, like sad as, where now I walk along the street and I’m so happy, yeah."

David, Maintenance Worker: "I haven’t had a sort of, anything like this happen before, so this come along so I jumped on it, yeah, I’m very happy about it."

Charlie, Cleaner: "Responsibilities, yeah, I’ve got a lot more of them now."

Shaun, Carpentry teacher: "Actually been really fantastic to see the outcomes of these guys."

What are the benefits or being involved in the Public Tenant Employment Program?

Ebony, Administrative Assistant: "When I’ve completed my traineeship I will definitely get a good job."

Duy, Administrative co-ordinator: "I got a job also with the Government doing their contract administration and project management."

Jacque, Storeperson: "Yeah I would like to go back to TAFE to improve my English also. Plus I’ve been learning while I’m working."

"So the students are very happy with the work that they’re doing, their confidence has been built to no end and, you know, they’ve got some basic maintenance skills now which sees them working within the community and helping themselves and each other."

Nyajoukm, Administrative Assistant: "I started and I was shy, but at least now I can communicate with people and see the real me that I didn’t see before."

How do you feel about life since you gained work through the Public Tenant Employment Program?

Julian, Maintenance worker: "Yep enjoying it.  It's good."

Sharmaine, Administrative Assistant: "This job now that I’m working with is, it’d have to be one of the best jobs I've worked in. It’s benefited me a lot, well I bought a house recently out of it, so."

Andrew, Contract worker: "Knowing that you’re going to be able to support yourself plus your family and pay the rent and keep everything up on board."

Dale, Patent Services Assistant: "To now actually enjoy doing it and um look forward to going again the next day. Made me ah feel better within meself."

Ernie, Maintenance Worker: "And teachers usually been real good and all that; helped me out well.  Tried to get me understand what I was supposed to do and what not supposed to do and all that.

"Yeah, makes me happy, you know, to achieve to get up to that stage in me life and that instead of being down low, got up and done something.

"Doing things for other people.  You're outdoors; sometimes you’re outdoors, but it’s a good feeling.  Beautiful."

Therese Disability Support Worker: "You know, you just get to feel a little bit better about yourself because you feel that you’re actually achieving something and you enjoy it and you get paid for it which is pretty good!"

A Victorian Government initiative.

  • Running time 3:35 mins

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Public Tenant Employment Program
Tel: 1800 451 553
Address: GPO Box 4057, Melbourne, VIC 3001 

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