Neighbourhood House Co-ordination Program

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The Victorian Government provides funding to over 350 Victorian neighbourhood houses. The funds support a wide range of activities.

Secret Men's Business

Funding for the Neighbourhood House Co-ordination Program (NHCP) can be used to support the running of a range of activities which meet community needs. These include:

  • Drop-in centres
  • Recreational activities like yoga and tai chi
  • Training and further education
  • Volunteering, including serving on the committee and preparing meals in the community kitchen.

Modernising neighbourhood houses

Grants have also been made available to existing neighbourhood houses for one-off capital improvements. Funds have been used to:

  • redevelop existing buildings that have become run down or needed repair
  • upgrade facilities, for example to allow disabled access
  • co-locate existing facilities to buildings with multiple uses
  • purchase equipment to provide information communication technology and services for community use.

Bushfire grants

One-off grants were made available to some neighbourhood houses in bushfire-affected areas to support community recovery. Funds could be spent on any activity which could help the community, including:

  • providing counselling
  • delivering essential goods to people who had lost their homes
  • holding community functions to bring people together, such as communal lunches.

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