Family Violence Prevention and Support Program

Support Services for Women and Children

A range of direct services is provided to women and children/young people who may be affected by family violence. Service provision includes individual counselling, specialised support groups, and referral services. These services aim to promote early intervention strategies to prevent the occurrence or escalation of family violence, and prevent future occurrences of family violence by offering post crisis support. Further assistance is available for women seeking intervention orders through the provision of court support advocacy and referral. These services also provide support to children to improve their coping skills, self esteem, and foster the development of non-violent problem-solving strategies.

Men's Behaviour Change programs

These services play a key role in promoting the safety of women and children with a primary focus on making men accountable and responsible for their use of violence toward family members. The purpose of these programs is to encourage the change process in men's behaviour and they provide a forum for exploring and challenging beliefs. All programs are to be members of the men's peak organisation, No To Violence (NTV) and adhere to NTV's prescribed practice standards for running men's behaviour change programs.

Is someone you know being abused in a relationship? Is there violence in your home? Free community counselling and support services are available.

Who can use these services?

These services are available to women, children and young people experiencing family violence and to men attempting to address their violent behaviour.

Who do I contact?

  • safe steps Family Violence Response Centre - 1800 015 188 (toll free)
  • Men's Referral Service - (03) 9428 2899 or 1800 065 973 (free call within Victoria), Mon-Fri 12 noon - 9pm

Contact information

safe steps Family Violence Response Centre
1800 015 188

Men's Referral Service
Tel: (03) 9428 2999
1800 065 973 (Mon-Fri 12 noon-9pm)

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