Child learning and development

The implementation of the Children, Youth and Families Act 2005 (CYFA) and associated Every Child Every Chance (ECEC) reforms has required considerable change for the Victorian child and family services sector. Broadly these reforms represent a paradigm shift for protecting children towards a whole of community role and responsibility to improving outcomes for vulnerable children, young people and their families, and a more therapeutic approach to Child Protection practice.

The ECEC reforms continue to shape many new ways of working together. Learning and development is a critical part of supporting cultural and practice change. The central professional development team within the Children, Youth and Families Division, in collaboration with regions, sector and the Centre for Excellence, has a key role to play in providing opportunities to build on and embed these changes.

The Child Protection and Youth Justice Professional Development Unit (CPYJPDU) supports these changes with learning and development activities that ensure that staff from the child and welfare service system, have the information, skill and knowledge to enact the CYFA 2005 and continue to evolve and develop to meet children and young people's best interests.

  • Learning and Development Strategy
    The Learning and Development Strategy outlined a phased approach to ensure adequate preparation for the reforms, intensive practical training and flexible learning opportunities for practitioners to reinforce and sustain new learning.
  • Phase One Preparing for Enactment
    In preparation for enactment, five training modules were delivered to orientate Child Protection, Family Services, Placement and Support and Indigenous agency staff to the ecec reforms and the changes resulting from the CYFA 2005.
  • Phase Two Embedding Reforms
    Phase Two of the Learning and Development Strategy aims to embed and extend learning in the workplace.
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