Victorian state disability plan 2013-2016 - audio

The Victorian state disability plan 2013–2016 articulates the government’s view for the future and sets a clear direction for the next four years.

The plan describes how we will monitor our progress and the results of our actions, allowing us to make adjustments if needed and enabling greater transparency and accountability.

Audio version of the state disability plan

For ease of navigation the state disability plan has been separated into 16 audio files.

01 Victorian state disability plan 2013-2016.mp3

02 A message from the Premier.mp3

03 A message from the Minister and Parliamentary Secretary.mp3

04 The Victorian state disability plan 2013-2016: Three documents.mp3

05 Introduction.mp3

06 Setting the scene: A multilayered approach.mp3

07 Supporting the Victorian state disability plan 2013 - 2016.mp3

08 The framework.mp3

09 Goal 1: A strong foundation in life.mp3

10 Goal 2: Upholding rights and promoting participation.mp3

11 Goal 3: Accessing information, transport, buildings and places.mp3

12 Goal 4: A contemporary approach through disability system reform.mp3

13 Staying on track.mp3

14 Publishing and copyright details.mp3

15 Accessibility.mp3

16 Closing announcement.mp3

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