Victorian state disability plan

Cover to the Victorian State Disability Plan 2013-2016

Victoria’s next state disability plan is currently being developed.

The Victorian Government’s vision is to build an inclusive community where people with a disability are supported and empowered to make choices that enable them to live a life they value.

The Victorian state disability plan 2017–2020 will set out the government’s shared goals for developing a fairer Victoria, making it easier for every person to participate in every part of life. The plan will guide whole-of-government efforts for people with a disability over the next four years. The plan is due to be finalised by the end of 2016 following consultation with the community.

Victorian state disability plan 2013–16 

The government will continue to implement the existing Victorian state disability plan 2013–16 until the new plan is in place.

You can download a copy of the plan below.

The At home, play, school and work videos show how the Victorian state disability plan 2013–16 plan is making a difference.

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