Five groups lead the development of policy, strategy, service design, reform and development and provide regulatory oversight. The groups improve service delivery by setting directions in: service design and implementation; social housing and National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) reform; community and executive services; financial and corporate services; and policy and strategy. The groups’ functions include:

  • translating policy intent into improved practices
  • monitoring service delivery standards
  • developing plans and policies
  • driving departmental consistency to enable service delivery objectives.

Service Design and Implementation

The Service Design and Implementation group develops cross-program and integrated service delivery responses to facilitate the implementation of high-level policy into improved practice. The group also includes the Offices for Youth, Disability and Women’s Affairs, and the Royal Commission Response branch.

Service Design and Implementation Group comprises: Service Development and Design Branch, Statutory and Forensic Services Design Branch, Community and Economic Participation Branch, the Offices for Youth, Women and Disability, Aboriginal Outcomes Branch, and Service Implementation and Support Branch.

Social Housing and NDIS Reform, Director of Housing

The Social Housing and NDIS Reform Group was established in May 2014 to lead the implementation of key reforms including the Social Housing Reform and the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). The Deputy Secretary of Social Housing and NDIS Reform is also the Director of Housing who is accountable for the exercise of functions under the Housing Act.

The Social Housing and NDIS Reform Group comprises: Social Housing Reform Branch, Property and Assets Branch and National Disability Insurance Scheme Branch. 

Community and Executive Services

The Community and Executive Services Group leads the effective delivery of a range of executive services to the Ministers and the Secretary, including service delivery performance, professional practice, emergency management, legal services, parliamentary services and communications.

Community and Executive Services Group comprises: Executive Services Branch, Performance, Regulation and Reporting Branch, Community Services Coordination Branch, the Office of Professional Practice, Legal Services Branch, and Emergency Management Branch.

Policy and Strategy

Policy and Strategy is responsible for policy, strategy, workforce and service reform to ensure the needs of vulnerable Victorians are met, and to sustain the future of the department and the human services system. It leads the implementation of the Out of Home Care five-year plan, Services Connect and the Victorian Vulnerable Children’s Strategy. The group also includes the Centre for Community Services System Development.

Policy and Strategy Group comprises: Strategic Planning Branch, Policy Reform Branch, Industry, Workforce and Transformation Branch, and the Centre for Human Services Research and Evaluation.

Financial and Corporate Services

The Corporate Services Group drives internal practice consistency and corporate service delivery excellence. It delivers critical corporate functions and infrastructure across the department, with a strong focus on financial management.

Corporate Services Group comprises: People and Culture Branch, Information Management and Technology Branch, Financial Services Branch, and Procurement and Contract Management Branch.

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