Fire Risk Management Unit (FRMU)

Fire Risk Management Unit log - flame

Fire Risk Management Unit log - flameThe Fire Risk Management Unit focuses on providing safe and secure buildings for all department-owned and operated facilities in Victoria. It also ensures compliance with relevant statutory Acts, regulations and fire safety guidelines.

The Fire Risk Management Unit can assist with the following:

  • Professional and technical advice in relation to fire safety service equipment.
  • Obtaining an appropriate level of fire safety in facilities for which the Secretary and the Director of Housing have a responsibility.
  • Managing the department’s Fire Risk Management Guidelines (Capital Development Guidelines Series 7).
  • Supporting program staff to manage emergency and fire risk projects.
  • Monitoring and updating the department’s Fire Risk Management database for all properties.
  • Managing and preparing bush fire preparedness programs for nominated VFRR areas.
  • Managing the fire services upgrade and maintenance program.
  • Programming capital services upgrades related to fire services.
  • Reviewing the essential safety measures standard obligations for all properties owned or operated by the department.
  • Organising and inspecting the physical aspects of the building relating to fire safety measures, according to the guideline and regulatory requirement
  • Provide home fire safety information in partnership with MFB and CFA for residents of Director and Secretary owned properties.
  • Access to bushfire safety information for public housing tenants living in bushfire areas.
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